Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry for the interruption

I just started and had plannd to be updating every day when suddenly I had to move.
What happened was...
When my husband and I planned to move to Hawaii we had talked to a guy about a house for rent. We went to go look at it right before our honeymoon. There was a lot of junk around, but he assured me that everything would be gone by the time we got back from our honeymoon. It wasn't, making it a very unacceptable place to live. We had already given them first month's rent and deposit, so I was a bit nervous as to how to handle this. I told them that we had changed our mind due to this junk and other problems we had recently noticed with the house. We agreed that we would stay for one month and they would give us our deposit back.
After about a week, they came to get some of their things. My husband blew up at them over this. He wanted them to discount the rent for us. Generally, I prefer to just let things go, but he was really angry. They quickly moved all of the junk that was taking up one of the bedrooms.
The next day, we found a new apartment and signed the lease. This place is a much better deal, $250 a month cheaper, a little bit smaller, but more centrally located. However, I was worried that, after blowing up at the landlords and making them spend about 4 hours cleaning that extra bedroom, we would look like the hugest a**holes. Besides, we didn't have any furniture for the new house or anything and wouldn't have internet there.
As luck would have it, when we got back to the house we were staying at, we had an easy way out. I think because of my husband's anger, they offered us a couple of different options. One was that we could pay for only the time we stayed there on a per-day basis. The rate was reasonable, and I told them we would leave the next morning. Because of this, we will actually get back more money than my husband had originally wanted.
Hence, the hasty departure with no internet access. Even now, I am only on a dial-up, but that is much better than nothing.