Saturday, June 23, 2007

June Mid-Month Money Pick-Up

I've been a bit frazzled by our recent legal issues but fortunately, we met with a lawyer and there seems to be no real problem. Score one for us.
This has prevented me from posting about the results of my mid-month money pick-up. Last month, I announced that I was going to start tracking all the money that I picked up off the street. The results this month have been wholly unremarkable.
Before I started tracking, I had picked up at least $5 and was expecting similar results.
The biggest score of the month came on the 15th of May, the first day of the money pick-up. I found 45 cents in the used car that I had bought. Technically, I'm not sure if this should count as we had bought the car 2 weeks prior to that. But since it was just on that day that I found the money, I decided that it could be counted.
I then had a very very long dry spell of not finding any money at all!
Just when I thought that I would never find any money again, I did find one penny, and a few days later found a quarter and a nickle.
I did find another penny once when I was jogging that I did not pick up. I ran back to get it, but realized that i had no place to put it, so left it for someone else.
All this brings the grand total from May 15-June 14 to a whopping .81 cents.
Still better than nothing, I suppose.