Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hooray for Free Pizza!!

Last night I ordered a pizza. I was very excited to do this because I haven't had delivered pizza in two months, and I haven't had even a frozen pizza in a month (Our apartment does not have an oven). Pizza is my favorite!
I got a pretty good deal on the pizza because we had a coupon, so I was pretty excited. We were getting an extra large pizza for the price of a small, so I knew that we'd have some leftovers.
The pizza came, but I had to meet the guy outside because he couldn't find our address. No big deal, it was his second night.
But then when i went upstairs and opened up the pizza...well, it had been tied too tight on his motorbike or something because the top of the box had been pressed so hard against the middle of the pizza that all of the cheese and stuff came off. then, they also had this little thing of garlic oil that you're supposed to be able to choose to pour over your pizza. Except that ours had opened up and poured all over the box and the pizza was soaking in it.
So I called up and complained. And I said that I was going to eat this pizza anyway because I was hungry, but could they send me a coupon. And they said they would! For a free pizza (I was expecting just a discount)!
I'm so happy because this is the first time that I've complained about something and actually got something out of it.