Monday, June 11, 2007

Burning Desire to Go Shopping

So, we've moved into a new apartment where we've started with nothing but a few suitcases packed with clothes and our computers. We've slowly been acquiring necessities, but recently I've been burning with desire to buy the things that I just plain want. Some of these things are probably things that others would consider necessities, but their falling to the wayside because of the lack of immediate need.
Here are the things that I've been wanting:

  • cable TV
  • if not cable, then at least an antenna so we get *some* reception
  • if not even that, then a netflix membership
  • an exercise ball
  • a vacuum
  • spice rack (actually a pretty good deal as it comes with many spices which are quite expensive here)
  • dryer sheets
  • food processor
  • extra swimsuits for me and hubby (we only have one each and go swimming frequently)
  • many different cleaning supplies
  • books
  • little decorations to make the place feel more homey
  • plants (despite my "black thumb")
  • potato masher
  • convection oven (we have no oven)
  • an "island" for the kitchen to increase available counter space

That's all I can think of for now. They're little things, but because we don't have an income right now, I hesitate to buy them.
I do, however, think that when we go to the store today I'm going to pick up the antenna and the exercise ball. If hubby complains, I'll point out that his rice cooker cost $45 and I didn't complain about that. Haha.


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